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Aromafume 7 chakra incense: Sahasrara - crown chakra

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Description Product 17927

Aromafume 7 chakra incense: Sahasrara - crown chakra 

Aromafume Incense Bricks Sahasrara, nine pieces per box. 
Information brochure included in Egnlish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish. 
Comes per 3 boxes.

Attention: Can only be used in combination with an Exotic Incense Diffuser. These are designed specifically to reach the adequate temperature for aroma diffusion of Aromafume Incense Bricks and for safe use. Other apparatus are not suitable! 
Order them here: Exotic Incense Diffuser 17899Tree of Life 17894Rainbow 17896Firefly 17897 and Ohm 17898.

Each Incense brick is enriched with various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, tree and tree extracts, resins, leaves & flowers. The fragrance oils used in the production of incense bricks are 100% IFRA compliant and always sourced responsibly. (
Ash free|minimal smoke|non-toxic|great aroma

History of Aromafume 
Aromafume Incense Bricks are produced by an Indian family owned company. For over 5 generations, this family makes incense and perfumery products according to their secret familiy recipe. They combine the age old art of natural handmade incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances. 

India is the homeland of many spices and incense resins and has a long history in the making of incense. India is also home to the rich tradition of Ayurveda with its elaborate knowledge on the healing properties of plants, herbs and flowers. The interaction of spice trading with the Ayurvedic principles created an exchange of knowledge and the development of many beautiful forms of incense.

How to use Aromafume Exotic Incense Diffuser and Incense Bricks?
The Exotic Incense Diffuser is specially designed to reach the adequate temperature for aroma diffusion of Aromafume Incense Bricks. Other apparatus are not suitable!
- Light candle. Place in Exotic Incense Diffuser.
- Place incense brick on copper plate. 
- Allow candle to burn for 45-60 min. Diffuser will be hot, do not touch!
- Blow out candle and allow apparatus and brick to cool.
- Incense brick will turn deep black and hard on usage, it will not melt.
- Discard used brick with biodegradable waste.

Our new series of 7 Chakra incense bricks:
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17923 Manipura - solar plexus chakra 
17924 Anahata - heart chakra 
17925 Vishudda - throat chakra 
17926 Ajna - third eye chakra 
17927 Sahasrara - crown chakra

Our other fragrances:
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17901: Pink Rose 
17902: Cherry Blossom
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Properties Product 17927

  • Weight 40 g

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