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Company information

Company Information

Phoenix Import was founded by Jan de Ruiter in 1995. 
Wholesale business and importer of "spiritual" and gift products. 
In 2010 Mani Bhadra Holding and Ltd. were established. Phoenix Import is now a subsidiary of Mani Bhadra Ltd.. 
The name Mani Bhadra is Sanskrit for "Sharing prosperity and abundance with people in need".

Our core philosophy

Wherever possible, we attempt to restore the link between the product and its spiritual symbolism, as expressed in various world religions. 
Phoenix Import markets products which can contribute to the joy of life and the spiritual maturation of people in general. 
To the best of our ability we trace the path from producer to our company, in order to be certain we do not contribute to any degrading working conditions.

Sponsoring is at the heart of our business philosophy

A percentage of our gross sales go to projects for people in need in Tibet, Nepal and India, thus expressing our interpretation of working, living and sharing.

We rely on your support for Help in Action, thus expressing our interpretation of meaningful working, living and sharing. 
The donation counter on our website will show the daily score of donations from our clients, and each and every donation will be doubled by us! 
Thank you so much for your contribution that makes miracles possible...   

Giving for Life!

Head Office Phoenix Import - Mani Bhadra B.V.

De Vesting 14
7722 GA Dalfsen
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce - Zwolle: 05050712 0001
VAT: NL821251715B01

T. +31 (0)38 42 35 510
Email: info (

Bank accounts

The Netherlands: ING Bank Zwolle: 668768711 - IBAN: NL13INGB0668768711 - SWIFT/BIC: INGBNL2A 

Rappresentante in Italia

Elisabetta Tosco
Tel: 3408321566
info( @ )

Personne de contact pour les clients francophones 

Florence Roulleau

Si vous souhaitez un contact téléphonique merci d'envoyer un e-mail avec vos coordonnées téléphoniques.

Questions générales:
Que par e-mail via le formulaire de contact – (FAQ et Contact)
Réponse en semaine dans les 24 heures.

Question sur votre commande:
Exclusivement par la notification – (Rapport de livraison)

nuestro representante en España
Roberta Bianchi

Yogi & Yogini

Our Trademarks

Products for
Yogis & Yoginis

Designed with love

For men and women

For body and mind

For Joy and Happiness!

Our Trademarks


Healthy Lifestyle

KISSA Black Tea Wake Up Call organic


Weight: 30 g

Is discontinued / end-of-life!

More healthy lifestyle


corporate social responsibility 

Mani Bhadra - Phoenix Import - Importer and wholesaler


Mani Bhadra BV - Phoenix Import is a forward-thinking company!  
We embed sustainability into the core of our business operations to create shared value for business and society. 
We are proud to be a socially responsible cooperate.

To our customers and those of you looking for products that contribute to vitality, joy, peace and spiritual development, we would like to say: you can enjoy doing business with us and know that we care for both our producers and their workers, for our products, for our customers and for the world.

We delight in serving you in the best way we can.

From our team, from our heart.

Who can buy from us?

Businesses, therapists and centers with a Chamber of Commerce number.

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