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History of incense in India

The oldest source of incense is the Vedas, specifically, the Atharva-veda and the Rigveda. Incense-burning was used both to create pleasing aromas and a medicinal tool. Its use in medicine is considered the first phase of Ayurveda, which uses incense as an approach to healing. Incense-making was thus almost exclusively done by monks.
The specific knowledge of incense as a healing tool was assimilated into the religious practices of the time - early Hinduism. As Hinduism matured and Buddhism was founded in India, incense became an integral part of Buddhism as well. Around 200 CE, a group of wandering Buddhist monks introduced incense-making to China.

Masala is a word in Hindi (and other Indian languages) meaning "spice mixture". It is commonly used when referring to curries or other food dishes. Masala incenses are made by blending several solid scented ingredients into a paste and then rolling that paste onto a bamboo core stick. These incenses usually contain little or no liquid scents (which can evaporate or diminish over time).

Durbars are a sub-group of Masala incense. They often contain ingredients entirely unfamiliar in the West and contain very complex scents. They are usually very slow-burning and are quite sweet and spicy in scent. They contain both solid and liquid perfumes in a binder which never quite dries out, making the incense stick soft to the touch.

Champas are a sub-group of Durbars. They contain a natural ingredient indigenous to India called halmaddi. Halmaddi is a grey semi-liquid resin taken from the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. It smells like the flowers of the plumeria tree. Plumeria flowers are known as Champa flowers in India, hence the name of the incense group. Halmaddi is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture from the air. This can cause Champa incenses to have a wet feeling to them. Nag Champa is probably the most famous incense of the Champa group.

Dhoops are another Masala sub-group. They are an extruded incense, lacking a core bamboo stick. Many Dhoops have very concentrated scents and put out a lot of smoke when burned. The most well-known Dhoop is probably Chandan Dhoop. It contains a high percentage of Sandalwood.

Charcoal incenses are made by dipping an unscented "blank" (non-perfume stick) into a mixture of perfumes and/or essential oils. These blanks usually contain a binding resin (sometimes sandalwood) that holds the sticks' ingredients together. Most charcoal incenses are black in colour. 

Incense Cones: 12 fragrances in displaybox. The 12 fragrances are: strawberry, vanilla, amber, musk, opium, apple, lavender, rose, jasmin, lotus, sandal and night queen.
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Image for: Incense Cones Goloka Nagchampa dhoop

Incense Cones Goloka Nagchampa dhoop

Productnr.: 1333

Weight: 20 g

Incense Goloka Nagchampa - dhoop cones

12 boxes of 20 grams each 

Image for: Incense Cones 12 fragrances in displaybox

Incense Cones 12 fragrances in displaybox

Productnr.: 1376

Weight: 20 g

Incense Cones - 12 fragrances in displaybox

The 12 fragrances are: strawberry, vanilla, amber, musk, opium, apple, lavender, rose, jasmin, lotus, sandal and night queen.
Priced per pack.
Image for: Incense Cones Darshan

Incense Cones Darshan

Productnr.: 1377

Weight: 20 g

Incense Cones - Darshan

12 boxes of 20 grams each 

Products 1 - 3 of 3

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