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Meditation cushion red organic cotton

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Description Product 8052

Meditation cushion - red - organic cotton

These Yogi & Yogini meditation cushions are made of 100% organic cotton according to GOTS* standards and are OCS** certified. The padding of the cushions consists of 100% natural buckwheat chaff, which ensures a nice even seating surface. Create the correct seat height by removing some padding from the cushion or adding it. If you like, also order product # W9846/2 - Refil bag with buckwheat chaff.

Note: the color may be slightly different for each paint bath.

Product specifications
Cover: 100% organic cotton, with zipper on bottom
Lining: 100% organic cotton, with cord for closing
Padding: 100% natural buckwheat chaff

* For information on GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard):

** OCS = Organic blended Content Standard


Properties Product 8052

  • Dimensions 33x17 cm

Categories Product 8052

Yogi & Yogini

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