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Dear costumer,

Did you recieve our special offers in your mailbox lately? If not, you may have missed out on a lot of bargains!

Each month, we are sending e-mails to our customers, packed with special offers, bargains, novelties etc. but, unfortunately, it results that, for one reason or another, almost seventy percent of our customer list is unable to read these e-mails. By not opening our e-mails you are missing out on our special offers with considerable discounts, and this is regrettable!

1. One reason might be that your e-mail software considers our mails to be spam, causing you to never open or read these mails. The e-mails will not even get into your inbox, but are being discarded in your "Junk" folder. 

You can correct this as follows:

Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express and select Options, next Spam and finally Options Spam. Then select the tab Safe Senders and next Add, where you should add our e-mail address to the list of safe senders and click "ok" and then Apply, and finally once more "ok". From then on, you will receive all of our newsletters directly into your inbox.

2. Our mailings are dispatched via a mailing website. It may be that your e-mail software or e-mail server simply does not accept these websites. This can be solved in a simple way by adding the website URL to your list of  "approved" websites. (These URLs are only used by us to send you our special offers, so it is a safe procedure!)

Select "Start" on your Home screen and next Internet Options. Select Security and next Reliable Websites. Then, select Websites and enter the three website addresses mentioned below one by one on the screen "Add this website to the area". When all three sites have been added you will be able to see them on the screen below, then select Close, thereby choosing these sites now to be part of your list of approved websites. From then on you will be able to receive all of our newsletters directly into your inbox.

Please add subjoined websites to your list of "safe websites":

The above mentioned actions will only enable you to receive our emails; your browser will recognize the safe websites and will remain as safe and secure as before.

3. Another possibility is that you are not receiving our emails because your mailbox is full, or because meanwhile you have another email address, which you forgot to pass on to us. In this case, you can just send us an email with both your old and new email addresses and we will update your details.

4. Providers or spam programs are often using a spam filter that has been set to high security. You can adjust this to a less rigorous level by way of your account with your provider.

5. Check your account settings. 

If you have any other questions about this matter, do not hesitate to ask!

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Yogi & Yogini TPE Yoga Mat blue/indigo


Weight: 830 g; Dimensions: 63×183×0.3 cm

Is discontinued / end-of-life!

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Katha Tibetan shawl 8 auspicious signs yellow


Dimensions: 190×44 cm

Is discontinued / end-of-life!

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Mani Bhadra - Phoenix Import - Importer and wholesaler


Mani Bhadra BV - Phoenix Import is a forward-thinking company!  
We embed sustainability into the core of our business operations to create shared value for business and society. 
We are proud to be a socially responsible cooperate.

To our customers and those of you looking for products that contribute to vitality, joy, peace and spiritual development, we would like to say: you can enjoy doing business with us and know that we care for both our producers and their workers, for our products, for our customers and for the world.

We delight in serving you in the best way we can.

From our team, from our heart.

Who can buy from us?

Businesses, therapists and centers with a Chamber of Commerce number.

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