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Daily tongue cleaning is a well-established practice in Eastern countries, but has been slower to catch on in the West. Still, tongue cleaning is an essential part of our mouth hygiene. This is why Phoenix Import has included this tongue cleaning device in its range of products, because it is so hard to find!
The top of our tongue continually forms a coating that consists of dead cells, food debris and hundreds of thousands of bacteria, living and dead, along with chemicals such as sulphurs produced by these bacteria. Studies have concluded that an average concentration of 100 bacteria per tongue epithelial cell is present, a very dense bacteria population. When left on the tongue, this coating becomes thick and is one of the primary causes of bad mouth odour. As a secondary effect, when the taste buds are covered with debris and chemicals, the sense of taste is affected as well. This unpleasant taste is increased when certain foods or drinks are consumed and small amounts are added to this potpourri already present on the tongue surface. Last but not least, many of us sleep with mouths open, which results in a bad taste and a dry mouth in the morning.

Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush helps to reduce the tongue coating somewhat, but a tongue cleaner is much more effective. If you do not believe this, just try it out for yourself: first, use your toothbrush to clean the surface of your tongue, then use the tongue scraper and see how much debris is left behind after only brushing.

This tongue cleaning is a very quick and easy process. Place your scraper at the back and middle of your tongue, taking care not to get too far back, the part with many important taste buds, and move the cleaner forward, gently removing a layer of debris. Rinse the debris off the scraper under running water, then gently scrape each side of the tongue. No need to scrape too hard. Repeat the process until you do not see any more coating, stop scraping and rinse your mouth with water. It is recommended to do this both morning and evening. If you feel some oral discomfort like dryness or a bad taste, often a tongue cleaning midday will help. This is a good practice especially if you had any significant stress, as tongue coating tends to increase during stress.

The tongue cleaner we are offering is made in India from traditional copper material. This cleaner is durable and will loop over the tongue surface with ease, hold it with both hands for an easy use. This scraping usually requires just three strokes: side, middle and other side. Wash the debris off your cleaner and gently scrape the middle part again. If there is no debris left on the strip then you have completed your tongue cleaning. There is no need to repeat the process endlessly! Rinse your mouth well, with clean water or a naturally made mouthwash.

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